Anti-Bullying Tools to Stop Cyberbullying

anti-bullying tools

Cyberbullying is a serious issue. According to Digital Information World report, the percentages of bullying in comments reach 91.1%. Indeed, a huge-volume of content in a digital platform potentially contains harsh words, profanity or even hate speech. To deal with this issue, each social platform has taken real action to fight back against cyberbullying. Therefore, some platforms facilitate it’s user with anti-bullying tools.

As example, social media companies have a zero-tolerance policy for harassment and bullying. In this case, they believe that social media should provide a bright and positive environment where people can safely engage with their community. That’s why, they strive to flag any cyberbullying content with content moderation.

4 anti-bullying tools you need to know

Social media offer various anti-bullying tools. It allows users to report the bullying, hide abusive comments, or block the bullies. The emergence of those tools helps the users to control their social media. Moreover, the users also can contribute to combat against online harassment that potentially harms the bullying victims. Here we share some tools that you can use to stop cyberbullying:


Most social media platforms facilitate its users with a report button. This button helps users to report any offensive content, which in this case is cyberbullying. According to Report Harmful Content’s annual, 1 in 3 cyberbullying content is reported.

There are multiple ways to report in social media. The first is a report post, including hurtful comments, threatening messages, offensive photos or videos. While the second is to report users’ accounts. By reporting it, the social media platform will review the content and take actions against cyberbullying. The content can be taken down, and the account might be banned from social media.


To stop the cyberbullying, you can block the bullies’ account. So, they won’t be able to see your posts or interact with you on social media. It means, they won’t be able to stalk your latest activity and stop making a fuss in your post. At least, when you stop interacting with the bullies, you will feel relief from their terror. By blocking them, you can also proactively block new accounts that the bullies might create to attack you.

Hidden Words

One social media platform gives you the access to create a custom list of words that you consider as cursed or offensive words. This action allows you to restrict certain words. So basically, the platform will filter your comments section and message board. The next step is flagging the abusive words on your social media. By managing custom words and phrases, you can avoid online harassment and bullying.

Hide Comments and Message Requests

This tool is almost similar to the previous one, which filters offensive content on your social media. However, hide comments and message requests will filter the content based on the platform’s policy. So, any harmful content will be instantly deleted from your comments and message board. This tool can protect you from any exposure from bullying content from the online communities.

Final Words

We highly recommend you to explore the features on your social media. Because each social media has their own tools to foster a safe and supportive community. Also, to protect their community from offensive content like cyberbullying. If you don’t know where to start, you can begin with reading the guidance on your social media platform.

Last, but not least we encourage you to raise your voice, fight together with social media platforms to stop cyberbullying. We know that eradicating cyberbullying is not easy. Yet, together we will grow stronger and more resilient to standing up to the bully. Remember, even a small action means a lot to change the world.