Overcome FOMO: 4 Tips You Should Know

Overcome FOMO

Welcome to the era where FOMO (fear of missing out) is getting more common in society. FOMO is a belief that people are living better lives than you. Certainly, comparing yourself to others is not a good thing. This life is not a competition. Because everyone has their own timeline. However, when social media becomes an integral part of our lives, somehow it’s hard to stop comparing. As we know, social media often provides the cherry-picked perfection version. It is not surprising that people who experience FOMO may end up being envious of others. Moreover, this phenomenon can cause stress in your life. Seeing how harmful its effect is, you need to know how to overcome FOMO in your life.

How to overcome FOMO?

Fear of missing out is usually associated with a deep sense of envy and anxiety. It can lead you to check social media again-again, so you know what’s hype right now. So, you don’t feel left out. That’s why, to overcome FOMO, you should transfer your mental energy you give on social media for other things. Here, we discover 4 ways to overcome this feeling:

Accept that you are missing out

The first thing you should do is accept this feeling. That’s totally fine if you are missing out on something great out there. You are probably missing out on the most hype cafe right now, or simply not being invited to someone’s party. And that’s okay. You can’t do all things at the same time right?

Life is a choice. If you choose to watch a movie, you may lose the chance to hangout with your friend. See, it’s normal to miss out. Great things are indeed happening out there, and nothing you can do about that. Rather than feeling anxious and envious of people’s better lives, you should learn to enjoy your own life. Remember, happiness lies everywhere. What you need is the right perspective to realize its presence.

Take social media detox

Do you find yourself overwhelmed with FOMO when you scroll your social media? If the answer is yes, you should consider taking social media detox. Actually, it is a method to live without social media for a set period of time. It can be one 7 days, 30 days or more.

Relax, we know it will be hard in the beginning. Yet, we still encourage you to do that. Because living without social media can reduce your FOMO significantly. Social media detox changes your life. If back then you were overly focused on social media, now you will more connect with reality. You can spend time reading a book, hangout with friends, meditate or anything you want. This detox will make you live better and live with less anxiety.

Stay grateful

Another way to overcome FOMO is staying grateful. This is easier said than done on social media. Especially when social media portrays the ideal picture of life. Social media often brag and full of flexing. To some extent, people are willing to pretend to be an ideal figure (i.e. rich, beautiful) in social media. That’s why it is important to set a positive environment on your timeline. Please, cut off people who flex too much in your social media. Hiding those triggers can reduce your FOMO and make you feel relieved.

Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness is the basic human ability to be fully present, aware of where we are and what we’re doing. Practice mindfulness can be used to overcome FOMO. Mindfulness teaches us to live the moment, fully attending what’s happening. In this case, our mind will be more focused on what we are doing right now. No more overthinking or FOMO, because we no longer think about issues that make us anxious. 

Now, we can realize the deep satisfaction from fully enjoying the moment. It’s probably happiness after tidying our room, drinking a coffee, or simply talking with our parents. Indeed. That happiness can distract you from FOMO.

Sounds good to overcome your FOMO right? Hopefully those tips can help you live a better life without FOMO.