Social Media Detox: A Short Break from Social Media

social media detox

Whatever platform it is, social media always gives us a sweet addiction. It leaves us scrolling more and more to feel entertained, yet drained at the same time. Rather than being grateful for what we have, social media sometimes gives us insecurity, hoax, and anxiety. So, if this time you feel very exhausted, we highly recommend you to do social media detox. Living without social media for several days or weeks won’t be hurt. This method can help you live to the fullest, and be more connected with reality.

What is social media detox?

Social media detox is a method to live without social media for a set period of time. In this case, you can log out from your social media account or eliminate the app from your phone. To some extent, you can temporarily disable your social media account. Generally, most social media detoxes are 30 days. But some people do 7 days or more. During social media detox, you will learn to fight your social media addiction.

Social media detox helps you to reconnect with reality in a better way. Back then, if scrolling was taking over your life, now without social media you can be aware of reality. You probably start to realize the flowers are blooming in your garden. Maybe, you found your new passion. Also, just enjoy doing nothing without distraction from your phone. Whatever it is, if you are considering social media detox, go ahead. You are in the right place.

The sign you need social media detox

The common signs appear when you get social media addiction. If you found out those signs, it means you need to take a short break from social media.

1. You find yourself scrolling over, spend most of your time glued on your phone. Moreover, you become more lazy doing anything.

2. You feel the urge to regularly check your social media notification.

3. You are suffering from insomnia. You can help to scroll your timeline on bed.

5. You start feeling anxious when you no longer login on your social media. It ruins your mood.

6. You start to feel imperfect, envy, FOMO while comparing yourself with others on social media.

7. You get drained and anxious when seeing social media.

How to do social media detox?

1. Plan your social media detox

You should determine how long you will take the short break. We recommend you to start with a little step, at least 7 days. Let’s see, if after 7 days you still enjoy the process, you can extend the time.

2. Delete the social media apps

Yes, deleting it from your phone can help you do social media detox. Make sure, you also delete it from your laptop. So, you will not receive any distraction from the notification. After deleting those apps, you will realize that you have so many things to do rather than scrolling.

3. Do it with friends

Doing social media detox alone will be hard. You need a friend to support you. They will encourage you to properly take a social media break. At least, doing it together with friends will make the process more fun.

4. Spend your time with meaningful activities

The amount of mental energy you give on your phone could be more valuable for other things. Ask yourself, what activity do you really want to do? You probably have a bunch of lists. But, you never do that before because you are too busy with your phone. With this extra time, you can try something new or simply spend your time with your family. By doing this, you will feel more relieved and happy.

The benefit of social media detox

To make you more excited, we have prepared the perks. Let’s dive in to discover the benefit:

1. Reconnect with reality

Without social media in your hand, you can reconnect with reality. Whether you hangout with a friend or come to the concert, you should try it. Talk with them in person, and discuss something fun. This thing will make you happier rather than scroll your timeline.

2. Being grateful

You’ll start being grateful. Remember everyone, no matter what, you are perfect in your own way. You don’t need to feel insecure, because social media is not real. People always post the best version of them on social media. When you get drained, you should take a break. Thus, you will feel more relieved and grateful for what you have. In fact, studies claim people feel better when they take a break.

3. Enjoy the moment

Today’s society enjoys posting everything, even when they are on vacation. They probably focus more on capturing the moment rather than enjoying it. Therefore, you better stay away from your phone and enjoy the moment. Experience and fully living the moment will make it more memorable.

4. Gain more focus

Everyone should admit that social media makes us unfocused. Therefore, the best way to clear mental clutter is taking a break from social media. So, you can be more focused and productive.